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Chocolate Frangipane Tart

Chocolate Frangipane Tart

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A two layer tart with a layer of almond frangipane and topped with a rich chocolate layer. It looks like a lot of ingredients but most are repeats.MORE+LESS-

Updated November 24, 2014

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cups all-purpose flour (crust)


cup powdered sugar (crust)


teaspoon salt (crust)


tablespoons unsalted butter (crust)


tablespoons cold water (crust)


tablespoons unsalted butter (frangipane)


cups sugar (frangipane)


cups blanched, ground almonds (frangipane)


tablespoons flour (frangipane)


teaspoon corn starch (frangipane)


large egg + 1 egg white (frangipane)


teaspoon vanilla extract (frangipane)


teaspoon almond extract (frangipane)


ounces bittersweet chocolate (choc)


tablespoons sugar (choc)


tablespoon flour (choc)


teaspoon cinnamon (choc)

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  • 1

    To prepare the crust, combine flour, salt, and powdered sugar in a food processor and pulse. Add cubed, very cold butter and process until butter is in small pieces. Then add egg yolk and two teaspoons of ice water. Pulse a few times to combine. Try not to over mix. The dough won't ball up like some do.

  • 2

    Press dough into a buttered tart pan with a removable bottom. Work slowly and be sure to get the dough evenly pressed up the edges. You probably won't need all the dough to finish lining the pan. Just be sure to get an even layer all pressed lightly all over the pan.

  • 3

    Put the tart pan on a baking sheet (just so you don't accidentally hit the removable bottom) and freeze it for 30 minutes.

  • 4

    Line the inside of the crust with a piece of foil that's been lightly buttered on the side that touches the crust. Press the foil tightly against the crust. Then bake this at 350°F for 25 minutes. Let crust cool on a wire rack.

  • 5

    To make Frangipane, blanch almonds in salted water. After a minute in the water, drain and rub the shells under cold water. The shells of the almonds should rub off easily. Process the almonds until they are a fine meal.

  • 6

    Combine butter and sugar for frangipane in a food processor. Process until well combined. Then add almond meal, flour, and cornstarch and pulse to combine. Then add eggs and combine until smooth. Finally, mix in vanilla and almond extract.

  • 7

    Once your crust is cool, pour frangipane into crust and smooth it evenly. Then bake at 350°F for 25 minutes. The frangipane should puff up nicely.

  • 8

    Meanwhile, make chocolate layer by melting cream and chocolate together in a sauce pan over low heat. Once completely melted, remove from heat and let cool for a minute.

  • 9

    Whisk other chocolate ingredients together in a medium bowl. Then whisk chocolate/cream mixture in with eggs. Work slowly and whisk it well until it's smooth.

  • 10

    Pour chocolate mixture on top of Frangipane layer. Return to the 350°F oven and bake for 20 minutes or until chocolate layer is lightly set.

  • 11

    Remove and cool completely on a wire rack. Then remove tart from baking pan and set it on a bowl so the bottom pushes the tart up and out of the mold.

  • 12

    Serve at room temperature with whipped cream if you want.

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More About This Recipe

  • I've never really made a tart before. So it was also the first time using my brand new tart pan with a key feature: removable bottom!

    I think I was afraid of them because they look so fragile and delicate. It looks like the slightest mistake could cause the tart to snap in half, ruining my hard work.

    I only realized the reality after I finished the tart: it's actually a lot EASIER to make than a pie. There's no rolling and fretting about the dough. The tart pan kind of does all the work for you, which is great because I needed all the help I could get!

    The fillings for this tart might be new to you, but they are pretty straightforward to make. We'll get to those in a second after we address the crust.

    I thought this crust was actually easier to make than pie crust, although I was really worried about it when I started.

    You basically combine all your ingredients in a food processor just like a pie crust, but it's not as sticky.

    Once the dough is ready, butter your tart pan and press the crust material all along the side of the pan until you have an even layer on the bottom and up the edges.

    Lay this on a baking sheet (so you don't accidently hit the removable bottom) and freeze it for 30 minutes. Then line the crust with a piece of foil that's been lightly buttered. Press the foil really tightly against the crust and bake it at 350 degrees for 25 minutes to set the crust.

    Then let the crust cool to room temperature before pouring in the filling.

    To make the frangipane layer, you need to blanch almonds, which is a fancy word that means boiling them for about a minute. When you remove the almonds from boiling water, rinse them under cold water and rub them together. The shells should just fall off, leaving you with perfectly white almonds.

    Toss these in a food processor and pulse them until the almonds are a fine meal.

    Next, add the sugar and butter for the frangipane to the food processor and pulse to combine. Once that's smooth, combine the other frangipane ingredients and pulse until really smooth. Then pour this layer into the tart shell.

    Bake this at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes. The filling will puff up nicely.

    Meanwhile, you can make the chocolate layer, which is the easiest layer to make. Just melt the chocolate and cream in a small pan over low heat. Once it's melted, remove from the heat and let it cool for a minute.

    Whisk the other chocolate ingredients in a bowl and then slowly whisk in chocolate/cream mixture until smooth.

    Pour this over the frangipane layer in your tart and smooth it out nicely.

    Return this to the oven to bake for another 20 minutes and you'll be ready to go!

    Cool it to room temperature before trying to slice into it.

    This recipe, while it looks a bit intimidating, is completely makeable. And it will really wow your guests. The two layers in the tart are not only pretty, but also delicious. If you want to push your dessert boundaries a bit, give this one a shot!

    Nick fears no tart now. Follow his quest to conquer all baked goods on his blog, Macheesmo and on his Tablespoon profile.

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